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The Uncontrolled Vocabulary: Queer Archiving and the Fluidity of Language

Bianca Finley Alper, Isaac Fellman, and Megan Needels discuss the creation of an in-house controlled vocabulary at the GLBT Historical Society and confront the difficulties of cataloging an inherently fluid terminology.

Seeking Immortality: A Recap of An ATALM Presentation

Darra Hofman and the team behind “Seeking Immortality: The Northern Cheyenne Project” recap their 2022 ATALM session, where they discussed a virtual reality archival preservation project focused on the language and cultural heritage of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe.

Reparative Reprocessing: Indigenous Representation in the William Boone Douglass Papers

Leah Tams discusses the redescription efforts she undertook to provide more detailed and respectful representation of Native American individuals and groups in the finding aid to the William Boone Douglass Papers.